The Last Prayer of Martyrs of Kashmire

  1. 13 July, 1931

In the pages of History- On 13 July people across both the sides of Kashmir pay rich tributes to the Kashmiri martyrs of 1931 who were gunned down by the then Dogra rulers outside the Central Jail Srinagar for raising voice towards the liberation of the motherland from the Dogra repression. Scanning from the history we find valiant champion of Kashmir freedom movement Abdul Qadeer cast tirades against Maharaja Hari Singh. It was 13 July, 1931 when Abdul Qadeer was put on trial in the Central Jail Srinagar. Kashmiri people thronged to Central Jail to heed judicial pronouncement against Qadeer, where gun guards got nettled, opened fire and death toll reached to 22. This was the first firm reaction of Kashmiris against the Dogra rule. The very holy blood of sons that was spilt on motherland pioneered a route to an organized freedom movement.
Moulvi Yusuf Shah, offering Nimaz-e-Jinazah to July 13, 1931. Martyrs in the compound of Jamia Masjid on July 14, 1931.


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